During our sourcing and testing process, we found many brands of masks simply did not live up to the claims they were making. Over a hundred brands of hand sanitizer contained dangerous methanol. Prices were artificially high. Numerous infrared thermometers were wildly unreliable. It took longer than we would have liked, but we would be using the same products at home and for our co-workers, so they had to be the very best available.

We learned that brand name cartridges are hugely profitable for both the manufacturer and the retailer. Hugely. We learned there once was a way to pay a lot less for the same high quality as the name brand, but this option had been taken away. And we learned why that happened. The printer companies work hard to control what you can find on store shelves. Call it “partnership” … “in bed with” … or call it for what it is, “Exorbitant Profit Protection”. Whatever the name, it’s at the expense of those of us who just want to be able to print.

What we learned next was what’s most important; the answer to the, “there must be a better way” challenge. We learned we could go straight to the people in the know. The people who are responsible for the best products, cut out layers and layers of middlemen and the high cost of retail stores; and offer up premium quality at a fraction of the price. We found the people that know how to do it. And we bring their expertise to you.

We believe that hitting the print button shouldn’t be scary. It should leave you with great pictures and documents, not with an empty wallet.