Scientifically Profile the Name Brand

No two roads are exactly the same. No two cartridges are exactly alike. We design each cartridge to be the high-performance engine for the specific printer it will drive. Remember those expensive name brand cartridges? We buy A LOT of them, so you don’t have to. Our first step is to scientifically profile the name brand cartridge to develop a complete “profile” of the print performance. Our Engineers look at things like, Optical Density, Color-Matching, Gray Scales, and a bunch of other things so what you see are Vibrant Colors, Rich Blacks and clean pages suitable for framing or filing, whichever is your choice. And of course, we measure the real number of pages!

Selecting Premium Quality Components

We want your printing trip to be a great adventure, not a painful excursion. Our goal is to take the misery out of buying ink and toner; but if we don’t deliver a product that brings smiles when you print, we haven’t delivered on our promise. Our Engineers specify the components necessary to bring you the full experience of the name brand while saving you a lot of money. Our Engineers think that’s pretty important and we agree. Only the highest-grade components, from all over the world, are chosen to be in an Office 66 cartridge. By aggressively sourcing materials across the globe, we keep costs down. Our seasoned team of Global Buyers love negotiating the best combination of highest quality and lowest prices! We think that’s mighty important too. After all, you don’t want to pay higher prices because we aren’t doing our job!

Defining Processes for Consistent Performance

Our certified engineers next design a process that ensures the components are assembled in the correct manner, each and every time. After all, trying to deliver high quality products each and every time takes a road map to follow, each and every time. A combination of high-tech and high-touch. Hey, we love technology as much as the next guy or gal, depending on who that is, but in a world where everybody wants to automate everything, some things take a human hand… and those are the things we like. We aren’t quite ready for millions of self-driving cars on the roads we travel! Automate the routine but never forget the value of people who care about what they put their name on. Of course we follow all of the rules of the road! Watching for input from world leading testing protocols such as ASTM and ISO standards serve as road markers along the way.

Verifying the Design

We learned a long time ago that just because something works in a sterile design stage, it does not mean that its repeatable with consistent results. Every process goes through a prove in stage to ensure the designed outcome is the actual outcome.

Small Scale Production Testing

At this point, all the bugs have been worked out. Detours, potholes and flashing lights have been spotted and the road ahead is all clear. We now take the products to the factory floor and produce a small number of cartridges for extreme testing known as, “Destructive Testing”. The cartridges are run to the end of life and then torn apart to check for any last signs of problems ahead.

Continual Quality Control

We are now moving into high gear and reaching the speed limit. Large scale production begins. During the initial production run, engineering and manufacturing leaders are present to watch the entire process and measure results during ongoing audits where cartridges are pulled from the line and checked against the standard specifications.